by rainmearainbow

Sometimes, I choose to bottle up my feelings. Because I know that even if my feelings are heard, it wouldn’t change a thing anyway.

Sometimes, I just have to bear with it. Knowing that I dont like what I am seeing but I had to see the things I don’t wish would happen with my own eyes.

Sometimes, we wish to just break down. But we could not afford to show people the weak side of us, so we had to put up a strong front and show that we are ok.

Sometimes, you wish to be cared for. But often the person you care the most for would be busy caring for another person not realizing you needed care as well.

Sometimes, you wish that someone could understand you. But often even the person closest to you could not feel you nor understand you without you saying a word.

Sometimes, I get so tired of explaining. I give up trying to say anything anymore because I realize no one could be bothered.

And sometimes, it’s times like that I choose to turn to my personal space. To spill some thoughts off my mind to make myself feel a little better, but it doesn’t help much still.