by Thought Catalog

This story, is yet another reminder why, we should never ever date our Best Friend.
Maybe it’s fate that we are made to be Best Friend, so we could LAST. (:
Best Friend shared a different type of love that is unexplainable, but not the same love towards a lover.
But once’s we are together, that’s it.
Cos we’d know each other too well inside out that it will definitely affect the relationship somehow.
And if the relationship is over one day, so is the strong friendship we first build through the years.

Thought Catalog

Have you ever been broken? It’s irrelevant what breaks you—when you’re that crippled by your own absolute misery everything bleeds together anyway. A gulf forms, splitting distance between your body and the reality around it. The ground beneath you (that once felt so firm) is eroding in a rapid succession of violent landslides until you yourself are sliding into the void, picking up speed and rubble on your way down.

I’ve felt this way before. I was crazy with it—out of control, lost and frustrated. I’d been shot through the heart and it was a melodramatic, self-indulgent moment but it was mine. I cried and I drank for months. I vomited up my tears and the drink and all the stupid pills that I thought would make it easier. It was all the same though—being fucked or not fucked—the pain was consistent.

But he was there. He was there to…

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