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I think I will want to get these books one of these days. (:

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Falling in love feels like you’re on the downward swoop of a rollercoaster all the time. It’s like being encased in a bubble where good feelings swirl around you and bad feelings bounce right off. Unfortunately, most literature is food for the love hungry — not the love satisfied. But if you can focus while your brain chemicals are raging, here are some books that will teach you something about that wonderful thing called love.

How The French Invented Love, by Marilyn Yalom

A nonfiction book that takes you through 900 years of French history while cataloging tales of lovers. The French are love experts. Paris is the city of love after all. And this book shows us why that’s the case. The author, an American, also talks about her own love journey, and how lovers in France are different from those in the States.


Other People’s Love…

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