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You taught me that if it is meant to be, a few days spent with that one person is all it takes to develop a connection. However, a connection does not necessarily signify that the two people are right for each other — it could have been a wrong place, wrong time, or just the wrong person. A connection is just a connection unless proven otherwise.

But most importantly, you taught me the way to love someone is through actions, and not words, because actions do speak louder than words, and could express what love is better than the English language could ever describe. You taught me to not be selfish with my feelings and that if I take the step to give, maybe I will receive a surprise in return. And trust me, I am still learning.

Thought Catalog

This is a letter I was too afraid to send out, but it comes from the heart. These are the things I would tell him, if we were to meet again.

Dear You,

Hi. I never knew I’d see you again. It has been ages since I last saw you, and frankly I thought that would be the last of it.

Well, apparently not.

The previous time we spoke seemed like ages ago. Memories of being around you are stored in a rusty cabinet, untouched. I can no longer recall your favorite catchphrases, or the way you wear your hair. I can’t remember the way your eyes would dart around the room, or how you were able to make me feel so overwhelmed with emotions.

But I can remember the way you always had that ugly jeans-and-slippers combination on unless I protested, and the way you gave me sad pitying…

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